College Station, Texas

College Station TX of Brazos County, Texas, is popularly known as the Home to the famous Texas A&M University. The city because of Texas A&M University is named the most educated city in Texas. Since College Station is located 100 miles away from Houston and Austin and only 160 miles away from Dallas and San Antonio, it is considered as the heart of central Texas.

The city is highly diverse, primarily because of the University which welcomes students from across the country and across the globe. With a very diversified population, the city is rich in culture and tradition that makes it different from the other cities in Texas. And since the city offers quality education, many business companies and technology companies have established offices in College Station to take advantage of pool of highly skilled graduates of Texas A&M University. Of course there are also the usual commercial establishments that cater to the students and the public. The city is proud of providing quality education and quality life to its diverse residents. Apart from this the city has a varied number of attractions and a happening night life that are bound to entertain people.

College Station is a great place to live in. There are intriquing options in entertainment, education, affordable living and many other benefits the city offers its residents. It is also an area of history and culture.

College Station History

The development of the College Station started when the Houston and Texas Central Railway built in the region in 1860. Then in 1876, as the country celebrated its centennial, Texas A&M University was inaugurated and opened its doors to the public. The university was then called A&M College of Texas and became the first public academic institution in Texas.

At that time, the school was highly isolated and there were no facilities and establishments that cater to those who attend the schools. The administrator of A&M College of Texas then decided to provide basic facilities for everybody. This move made the school the center of the community, as it became the center of community development.

In 1877, the name College Station was given by the Postal Service to the area based on the train station that is found in the west of the campus. Then the community continued to grow, with major influence from the college. Thus, together with the residents of the area, the college decided to create a municipal government. They, which included 23 representatives of on and off campus, petition to the Board of Directors of Texas A&M College to incorporate the city. The Board of Directors of the institution agreed and even suggested that a road around the campus be include in their proposal for the incorporation of the city. With their efforts the city was finally incorporated in 1938. College Station became one of the cities of Brazos County situated in East Central Texas. College Station, with Bryan, makes up the metropolitan area of Bryan-College Station, which is the 16th largest metropolitan in Texas.

The following year, they had the first council meeting at the Administration Building of the school. Although at that time, the council wanted to have a council manager form of government, the law did not allow cities to have this type of government. So until 1943, when the law was changed, the city hired a city manager. Then in 1952 when the population of the city reached more than 5,000 they finally decided to have a council-manager type of government. Today, the city still adopts the council-manager system of government wherein the members of the council are elected by the voters. The council in turn passes laws and policies for the city. As of 2011, it is estimated to have more than 95 thousand residents. The city is one of the friendliest cities in the country and the people, very are extremely hospitable and patriotic.

About College Station, Texas

College Station has a tremendous focus on education. Visitors to the city will have wide range of exciting, and even educational, experiences when visiting. There are plenty of cultural experiences and opportunities. First of which is the George Bush Presidential Library. The library is open to the public but it also often welcomes dignitaries from across the nation and across the globe. Some of its visitors are Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair and Colin Powell. Then there is the famous MSC OPAS or the Opera and Performing Arts Society. The society regularly offers musical and theatrical shows regularly. Then there are Reed Arena and the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater which host regular concerts and shows for the public.

The city also offers wide range of cultural activities. There are museums and galleries that showcase some of the best talents in Texas. There are the Benjamin Knox Gallery, The Children's Museum of the Brazos Valley, J. Wayne Stark University Center Galleries, MSC Forsyth Center Galleries, Sam Houston Sanders Corps of Cadets Center, Texas A&M Sports Museum, Texas Gallery, The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History and The Carnegie Center of Brazos Valley.

As for parks, the city has more than 1160 acres of park. It has 19 football and baseball fields, 19 soccer fields and 35 playgrounds. Then of course there is the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater for other sports and recreational activities. College Station has plenty of sports events all year round. Texas A&M University supports several sports teams. Then there is also the Aggie Football which brings fans from other parts of Texas during football season. The Newspaper of the city is the Bryan-College Station Eagle. There are three television stations, CBS News, ABC News and Fox News. The city has 13 radio stations.

The city enjoys a low unemployment rate. In fact, it has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the state. This is because the university provides jobs to the locals and because its graduates are highly skilled. The major employers of the state are the Texas A&M University, Bryan Independent School District and St. Joseph Regional Health Center.

One of the major focus and pride of College Station is education. The city has earned many awards, both statewide and national for education. In terms of quality of life, the city is one of the family friendly places in the state of Texas. It has some of the most beautiful public parks, which all in all is about 1300 acres. There is also the George Bush President Library Museum, which attracts more than seven hundred thousand visitors a year. Leisurely outdoor activities are also plentiful and families can enjoy the nature trails, biking trails, sports facilities and other recreational areas.

About Brazos County, Texas

College Station is situated in the Brazos County, Texas. It is located at the central part of the state of Texas. The county was named after the Brazos River that passes through it.

It has a population of more than 194,000. The total area of the county is 190 sq. m., 585 sq. m. of which is land and the rest is water. As the center of Texas, the county is well connected. The major highways of the county are the US Highway 190, State Highway 6 and State Highway 21. Adjacent with the county is Burleson County in the southwest, Grimes County in the east, Madison count y in the northeast, Robertson County in the northwest and Washington County in the south. The cities and towns in the county are Bryan, College Station, Kurten, Millican and Wixon Valley.

The county of Brazos offers a lot of attractions to visitors. For those who are interested to see some of the most exciting and informative historical attractions, there are the Bryan Historical District which is located in downtown Bryan and the Carnegie Library, which is in Main Street, Bryan.

For those who are more interested in parks and outdoor activities, there is the Wolf Pen Creek, a trails, park and entertainment complex; Central Park, College Station's largest park; Veterans Memorial Park, an athletic park which includes, softball fields, soccer fields, bike trails and others; Lick Creek Park, which offers different species of plants and animals; Texas A&M University Research Park, which has jogging trails and others; Brazos County Arboretum, a preserved wetland; and Lake Bryan, where it is possible to windsurf, water ski and where there is an outdoor amphitheater which offers live music in summer.

The county has five golf courses and driving range, the Texas A&M Golf Course & Driving Range, Bryan Municipal Golf Course, Traditions Club, Briarcrest Country Club and Pebble Creek Country. The county also has several theaters, restaurants, museums and winery. The county is home to the A&M University, which is the largest research institution and public university in the United States of America.