Virginia Beach Major Streets and Roadways

The streets of Virginia Beach are laid out in a grid fashion, with the city divided into rural southern and urban northern sections of the city. Most people match the street layout of Virginia Beach with that of Myrtle Beach; however the two cities have a huge difference in size.

The streets of Virginia Beach are given avenue names in the north-south direction, with Pacific Avenue being the major North-South street along the beach. Pacific Avenue is also part of Highway 60 that passes through the city.

The streets that run East-West are given street numbers, some of which are also given street names. The 22nd and 21st East-West streets lead into the Virginia Beach Expressway and the Interstate 264.

They are many must-see streets in Virginia Beach that have a lot to offer, street such as the 17th Street surf shop, which has great beachwear and water sports shops. The Farmers Market on Dam Neck Road is another must-visit destination for stocking up on groceries, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Atlantic Avenue has numerous restaurants, nightclubs and event hotels that are hard to miss on the road near the beach.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-264 - Traverses city from W to E
  • I-664 - W end of city from N to S
  • I-64 - Circles Norfolk