Virginia Beach Business Information

Apart from Virginia Beach's popularity as a tourist destination, the city also has a strong agribusiness market. Military is the second largest business sector in Virginia, and both agriculture and military contribute to a large part of the city's economy. Because of its popularity as a major tourist destination, it's also a hot spot for major retail centers such as Lynnhaven Mall, and many others. The city has been ranked number 45 of the Forbes's best places for a business and career. The city is home to company headquarters such as Amerigroup, Operation Blessing International, Christian Broadcasting Network, Stihl, Lillian Vernon and others. Major employers in Virginia Beach include the Navy Exchange Service Command, VT Group defense services and GEICO Insurance group. However, tourism is the largest employer in Virginia Beach, with approximately 15 thousand jobs that cater to more than 2.75 million visitors annually. Tourists contribute more than $857 million to Virginia Beach's economy.

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