Commonwealth Of Virginia

Virginia Beach is a city in the state of Commonwealth of Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia is located on the eastern side of Untied States on the coast of Atlantic Coast. The capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia is Richmond. The population of the state is approximately eight million according to the 2010 census. Commonwealth of Virginia was the first permanent New World colony of the English, named as the Colony of Virginia. The state was one of the 13 colonies that took part in the American Revolution.

State Nickname

The state nickname of Commonwealth of Virginia is the "Old Dominion". The nickname was given to Virginia by the King Charles II for the loyalty of Virginia to the crown. Virginia also holds the nickname off the "Mother of Presidents".

Climate Summary

The climate of Virginia is considered mild and according to the Koppen climate classification, Virginia is located in a humid subtropical climate. In come mountainous regions of the state of commonwealth of Virginia, the climate becomes maritime temperate and humid continental. The city also faces regular severe weather in the form of thunder storms, tornadoes, and winter storms.

State Tax Situation

The state of Virginia collects personal income tax in 5 different income brackets that rant as low as 3 percent to 5.75 percent. Tax on food items is the lowest in Virginia at 1.5 percent. Property tax in Virginia is varied from city to city. The state of Virginia has the highest defense spending of any state depending on per capita.

Government Summary

The state of Virginia is the only state in Untied States that has governed under its own constitution, the seventh Constitution of Virginia. The constitution provides for a unified judicial system and a strong legislature. The government is divided into the legislative, judiciary and the executive. The legislature is responsible for coding the laws for the state and has a bicameral body that has 100 House of Delegates.

State Seal

The state seal of Virginia is based on the Roman goddess Virtus, who is resembled on the obverse side of the seal standing over her defeated opponent. The goddess is dressed in Amazonian garb and has a sheathed sword and a spear. The seal is meant to represent the virtues of righteousness, heroism, valor and freedom. On the bottom of the seal are the worlds "Sic Semper Tyrannis".

Motto & Description

The state motto of Commonwealth of Virginia is "Sic Semper Tyrannis" which in English translates to "Thus Always to Tyrants". The phrase is an old Latin phrase that also means down with the tyrant. The motto was adopted in 1776 by the Virginia Convention.

State Flag

The Commonwealth of Virginia's flag consists of the state seal with the Roman goddess of Vitue and the Motto. The seal is set on a blue background and was adopted in the year 1954 by the General Assembly of Virginia.

State Bird

The state bird of Commonwealth of Virginia is the Cardinal that is among one of America's favorite backyard birds. The bird was declared as the official state bird of Virginia in 1950. The male cardinal is bright red in color, whereas the female is brown in color with red wings.

State Flower

The state flower of Commonwealth of Virginia is the American dogwood. The flower was adopted in 1918 by the Legislature in order to foster the sense of pride in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

State Song And Description

The state song of Commonwealth of Virginia is the "Carry me Back to Old Virginny" written by James Bland. The song was officially adopted by the Virginia Senate after a vote out in 1997. The song depicts a the beautiful farmlands of Virginia.

State Colors

There is no officially adopted color of the Commonwealth of Virginia. However the colors blue and white on the flag of Virginia are used by many as the state colors.