Virginia Beach Communities

The City of Virginia Beach is one of the most amazing cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as the United States. The city has magnificent beaches and fascinating neighborhoods. It also has distinctive communities and neighborhoods within the boundaries which include Acredale, Chesapeake Beach, Bay Colony, Kings Grant, Kempsville, Lynnhaven and many more.

The city is well-planned with an excellent infrastructure taking care of the requirements of the residents as well as visitors. The schools and universities, hospitals, theaters, libraries and other public utilities are strategically located and are easily accessible with the help of the city's efficient transportation system. Virginia Beach is home to various corporations and the U.S. Navy's Naval Air Station Oceana, which is the biggest employer in the region. The city has more than 200 parks which encompasses about 4000 acres of land with wide open spaces to playgrounds, ball fields, picnic areas, and camping facilities. There are various nature and historical tours, beaches, monuments, the Lynnhaven shopping district, and other facilities that make Virginia Beach city a perfect place in which to live.

Virginia Beach Communities

Virginia Beach Ranks in Top 10 Best American Cities in 2011

What are the factors that entice residents to a city? There are economic, recreational, social, access, education, and a number of other key factors. "We looked at a range of positive metrics around quality of life, counted up restaurants, evaluated school scores, and considered the number of colleges and pro sports teams. All these factors and more add up to a city that would seem to offer...

Virginia Beach Housing Choices

Virginia Beach has many different community options to choose from. The types of homes vary as well from neighborhood to neighborhood. Some communities are built for family living while others are built for singles and/or couples. Virginia Beach has a home style for anyone. Single Family Homes Many Virginia Beach communities are designed for single family living. Some homes are single-story and...

Virginia Beach Urban Communities

Some of Virginia Beach's residents thrive in the vibrance of city life. Many choose to live close to work and other city featues. They find it exciting to hang with others who enjoy the city. Communities Virginia Beach urban communities are the middle of the social scene. Some neighborhoods are connected to the city's best features. Some communities offer a great lifestyle and opportunit...

Virginia Beach Suburban Lifestyle

Many people prefer to escape the energy of urban activities to reside in suburban life. Virginia Beach offers some great suburban communities. Communities Virginia Beach suburban communities are an escape from urban life. Some neighborhoods are close to city features. Others are a significant distance away, creating distance from the city buzz. Neighborhood features vary. Some communities have p...

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