San Antonio Weather and Climate

San Antonio has great weather for many. Perhaps one of the reasons that many flock to this city in Texas is the pleasant climate. San Antonio has 300 sun-filled days each year. This makes it a favorable destination all year long. Summers are warm and the winters are mild, while spring and fall are very pleasant. Generally, San Antonio gets less than 30 inches of precipitation per year.

San Antonio is situated along the western edge of a subtropical climate zone, which means it is mostly temperate. Depending on the wind direction, it can alternate between humid and dry. There are only about 12 nights each year where the temperature dips below freezing. Precipitation is normally rain or drizzle although occasionally there may be a trace of winter precipitation. But sleet, freezing rain or snow rarely accumulates. The annual precipitation in the area is less than 33 inches. Rainfall is pretty even throughout the year and May is usually the wettest month with just less than 5 inches.

Temperatures in San Antonio are above 40 and below 95 for the most of the year. In the summer it is hot and the temperatures tend to average out in the 80s. In the winter the average temperatures are usually in the 50s. August is the warmest month of the year; the average maximum temperature is just less than 95 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the coolest month of the year; the average minimum temperature is just over 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures can vary more than 20 degrees from daytime to nighttime.