San Antonio Major Streets and Roadways

San Antonio is a thriving center of business. It has been a major thoroughfare since its auspicious start as one of the gateways which helped America move westward. It is now bustling with activity and traffic as business districts continue to grow and industry must transport essential items.

There are three major freeways which serve the San Antonio area. Interstate 10 runs from the northeast of the city and turns west toward El Paso and Phoenix. As it turns westward it becomes the Jose Lopez Freeway. The Pan Am Expressway (I-35) runs Northeast-Southwest through town and the Lucian Adams Freeway (I-37) runs from the junction of US Highway 281 south to its junction with US Highway 77 south toward Corpus Christi Bay.

Major roads running north-south include St. Mary's Street which runs from W Martin Street through downtown to Flair Avenue when it becomes Roosevelt Avenue. St. Flores Street runs from W. Martin Street on the north edge of downtown and then rejoins Roosevelt Avenue on the southern side of town close to the Interstate 410 junction.

The main east-to-west thoroughfares are W Martin Street, Buena Vista Street, Guadalupe Street and Laredo Street. These run from the western sides of San Antonio to join to North-South routes. W Martin and Buena Vista go to the eastern sides of town and join onto larger roads leading to the outskirts of town. Guadalupe and Laredo Streets run from the west into downtown and ends at S Flores Street.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-10 - Traverses city from NW to city center to E
  • I-35 - Traverses city from SW to NE
  • I-37 - Branches from city center to S
  • I-410 - Circles city
  • 1604 - Traverses N end of city W to E