San Antonio Real Estate

The real estate market in San Antonio is a thriving market. Both residential and commercial real estate markets continue to grow. There are several contributing factors which keep the city on the cutting edge of the real estate market. San Antonio has a lively economy and labor supply. They also have very pleasant weather throughout the year and a very reasonable cost of living. Because of these factors several large corporate headquarters are located in the city.

The housing market in San Antonio continues to experience rapid growth. Many people come to the San Antonio area simply because of the low cost of living. As a general rule, housing prices are about one third less than that of the national average. The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation states that housing is available at a fraction of the cost for housing in other US cities.

The bustling downtown area is filled with apartments and condominiums and a few neighborhoods that are within an easy drive on into the heart of the city. The outskirts of San Antonio are carved out neighborhoods with mostly family dwellings. These residential areas are in stark contrast to the busy city. They are tranquil and close in proximity to Texas' natural scenic beauty.

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There are many unique qualities to draw real estate investors to the San Antonio area. For one there is still the influence of Spanish architecture which speaks of their rich history, this is situated right next to the more modern designs. It gives the city a unique yet quaint touch of architectural design. The military also still has many installations in the area and that helps the area keep housing affordable. San Antonio is still a growing city which continues to provide opportunities for real estate growth.