Philadelphia Schools

Philadelphia is one of those cities that give education the utmost importance and are kept at the top of government priorities. The schools in Philadelphia are known for the quality of education imparted and the high level of competitiveness in schools. The School District of Philadelphia includes all the public schools in the Philadelphia region and is the eighth largest school district in the United States.

There are around 291 public schools at the school district of Philadelphia and this school district provides free transportation to the students who meet the eligibility requirements. There is also provision for lunches, breakfasts and after school snacks in these districts.

Philadelphia aims to provide quality education to all and the mayor's office has taken various initiatives by working closely with the school district on education policies and partnering to increase the educational outcomes for Philadelphia for both children and adults by supporting and encouraging them.

There are various initiatives taken by the government to motivate youth, adults and current college students to pursue and complete college education. Involvement of all segments of the community in this initiative motivates more people to join and finish college education to pursue a rewarding career later on.

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