Philadelphia Major Streets and Roadways

The streets of Philadelphia are among the most famous streets in United States and hold the distinction of being immortalized by Bruce Springsteen, who based one of his songs on them. The grid street system of Philly was one of the first few places in United States where it was used and went on to be used in numerous other cities because of the convenience they provided. What most people will be surprised to know that the grid system of Philadelphia was never planned to be organized in a grid, the whole city was a bunch of settlements that were merged together. However, unlike the grid system of other cities, the grid system of this city is still evident no matter where one goes. The City Hall is located at the very center of the city.

Navigation is very easy in the streets of Philadelphia; with the streets well named and marked, there is no problem for a person to find her way even for strangers who can easily find maps of the city. It is however very easy to get lost if you are not following the road signs, but equally easy to find ones way back.

From north to south of the City Center, are the North Broad Street and South Broad Streets, with the parallel streets being designated by numbers.

From the famous Broad Street, many perpendicular streets such as the Market Street, Spring Garden St, W Girard Ave, Tasker St., Christian St. and many others begin that are home to some of the best museums, boutiques and other landmarks. South Street is one of the most famous streets that runs east to west and is pupular with visitors and residents alike.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-76 - Branches from city SE to NW
  • I-476 - Traverses city from N to S
  • I-276 - Cuts across N end of city W to E
  • I-295 - Traverses city from SW to NE
  • I-95 - Traverses city from SW to NE