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Philadelphia is one of the few cities in the America that can have the same draw as cities like Paris, Venice and Rome. The city is ranked 3rd in the number of historical sites in United States. It has incredible history in every nook and corner of the city which is hard to intake in one single day or even week. There are thousands of people who keep Philadelphia on top of their travel itineraries and make sure visit it again, and every time they visit they take some sweet new memories with them.

The city is known as the City of Brotherly love and the City of Neighborhoods, which is rightly used to describe the kind nature of residents and the home like feeling that a person gets when she visits. One cannot miss the hundreds of museums, the well maintained parts and city zoo and also the vibe of excitement that the city has to offer. It is not just great weekend getaway for families and bachelors, it also offers a great place to make it a permanent home with the surprisingly affordable housing, pleasant neighborhoods and great education opportunities.

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