Raleigh Schools

Education is of utmost importance in the city of oaks, Raleigh. The city has about 12 colleges and universities and many other primary schools. Higher education plays a pivotal role in the Raleigh area. The city also boasts of many primary and secondary schools in the popular areas. The North Carolina State University (NCSU) with about 30,000 students located in Raleigh is the largest in the entire state.

There is a combination of differently owned kind of schools in the city. Private schools are of various kinds which include Baptists, church schools, pre-schools, college preparatory schools, a school whose entire curriculum is taught in French, special institutions for the learning disabled and also residential schools.

Not only the infrastructure is sound in the city but also the system is very well planned. The city also has many libraries and research centers. Thus, there is no dearth of both for higher education as well as primary and secondary education in the city with numerous institutions both private and public available at one's service.

Raleigh School Resources