North Carolina

About North Carolina

North Carolina State is located in the Southeastern United States is home to more than 100 Counties and shares borders with other states such as Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. Over the years, the state of North Carolina has been heavily dependent on furniture and tobacco for economic growth. However, of late it has succeeded in diversifying its economy by excelling in the fields of finance and biotechnology too. Raleigh is the capital city of this state.

State Nickname

Like most of the States in United States of America, the North Carolina too has a unique nick name "Tar Heel state". It is also called as Old North State.

Climate Summary

The climate in the state is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The temperature in the summer is moderate and in winter it is mild. The state experiences a temperature of about 31 degree Celsius in the summer and about 4 degree Celsius in the winter which makes it very pleasant for the tourists.

State Tax Situation

As is the case with most of the states in United States, North Carolina is also known for a very fair tax policy in place. The property tax is collected in 3 forms, personal property, real property and motor vehicles.

Government Summary

North Carolina's Government is governed by the State Constitution which even subjugates the law in the state and is honored as the highest legal document.

State Seal

In the year 1871, the North Carolina General Assembly standardized the design of the state seal. The great seal represents Liberty and Plenty at the center and also has the motto of the state appears at the bottom.

Motto & Description

The motto of state of North Carolina is "Esse quam videri" that means "To Be Rather Than To Seem". It became the official motto of this state in the year 1893. Until then the state didn't had any official motto in place.

State Flag

The state of North Carolina had a flag adopted in 1861 and was later replaced by the current one in 1885. The state flag has a blue union and two proportional horizontal bars in red and white colors.

State Bird

The state of North Carolina has adopted common cardinal as the state bird in the year 1943. This bird which has distinctive crest will be around 21 centimeters in size. The color of the female bird has red brown shade where as the male has vibrant red.

State Flower

The state of North Carolina has adopted Cornus florida as its state flower. The flower is quite popular and seen in many areas across United States including Illionois, Florida and Mexico.

State Animal

The state of North Carolina is yet to decide its state animal and hence there is no official animal for this state.

State Song And Description

The official state song of North Carolina is "The Old North State" that was written by William Gaston. It was adopted in the year 1927 by the North Carolina General Assembly. The song was composed by E.E.Randolph.

State Colors

The state of North Carolina has adopted 2 colors, red and blue. These 2 colors are found the state flag along with white color.