Raleigh Business Information

The city of Raleigh is the best place for people to start a business or to work. It has one of best economies of the nation. The positive thing about the city is that it has a relatively low unemployment rate. The per capita income of the city is also pretty high. The most thriving business in this city is the research and development field. The Research Park area attracts talent from all over the nation. The area has thousands of people working in the field of research. The city has become a healthcare hub because of the high technology used in the city's famous hospital. The education industry is also growing along with the research and development field. The city is always in need for enthusiastic and qualified people.

The other booming business is the tourism industry. The government has taken many initiatives to protect its historical and cultural sites. With more than 50 cultural sites, the city attracts people from all over the world. The other main industries are pharmaceutical, textile, electronic and telecommunication equipment and food processing.

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