Kansas City Weather and Climate

Kansas City has a humid continental climate. This kind of climate causes Kansas City to have very hot summers and very cold winters.


Summertime Temperatures

During the summertime, the weather is very hot, sticky, ad humid. The hottest month of the year in this region is July. The Average temperature doing that month is 78 degrees F. During approximately forty-four days of the year, temperatures will exceed 90 degrees F. A lot of the humidity comes up from the Gulf of Mexico. Nighttime, on the other hand, is very pleasant. Nights are usually mild, and there is much less humidity.

Winter Temperatures

The winter, on the other hand, is very harsh, cold, and brutal. The coldest month of the year is January. The average temperature during the month of January is 25 degrees F. During the winter, temperatures go as low

As the single digits. Temperatures will even go below zero. There is also a lot of snow during this time of year. The average amount of snow fall is approximately 20 inches.

Disastrous Weather

Kansas City is right in the middle of the Tornado Alley. Because this is the case, tornados are quite common. Safety precautions during these times are very important.