Kansas City, Missouri

There are a number of benefits to settling in Kansas City. Kansas City has an outstanding infrastructure, loads of recreational activities, entertainment, great night life, and good food.

Public transportation is reliable. The city is also bustling with numerous conveniences that make life very comfortable. Whatever you want to get your hands on, you will be pleased to know that you can in Kansas City.

Recreational activities are very plentiful in this city. You can find nearly anything you're looking for. You can visit some outstanding parks, or you can engage in a number of hobbies.

The entertainment is some of the best in the nation. You can go to any number of locations to watch some fabulous plays and concerts. In addition, there are loads of theaters where you can go to enjoy yourself.

If you are an individual who finds night life to be very enjoyable, you will have a blast in Kansas City. There are clubs and bars everywhere, and these are known for offering first class entertainment, good boos, and fabulous Jazz music. As a matter of fact, Jazz musicians come here to entertain.

If you want to go and experience some food that is unique, Kansas City is the place to go. Here, you will be able to enjoy Kansas City style barbeque, something that you will never be able to experience anywhere in the nation.

Kansas City is one of the most interesting cities of our nation. It is full of life, has a great deal of history, and has a whole lot to offer tourist and residents alike. Welcome to the marvelous Kansas City.

Kansas City History

The first individual to explore Kansas and to set up a settlement there was a French man who was named Etienne de Veniard, Sieur de Bourgmont. Originally, Etienne de Veniard, Sieur de Bourgmont abandoned his commander post at Fort Detroit after he was admonished for mishandling a battle with the Native Americans. He settled down on this land ad married a Native American wife, and the both of them traded furs.

In order for Fort Detroit to clean up his reputation, he wrote about Louisiana. He wrote about all of the Indian tribes that were in the land, and he also wrote about the benefits of establishing a colony in this region. He was the one to also first write up a description about the Kansas and Missouri rivers, the first individual to give the rivers these names. He was given High Honor from the French government for his work, and his reputation was restored. He was also made commander of Missouri, and he established a fort and a very extensive settlement.

After a battle between the Spanish and the French, and when the Treaty of Paris was drawn up, the Spanish government took over this land. They did nothing too major, however. All they did was tax all of the traffic that came through the Missouri River. The French were allowed to continue their fur trade, but they were licensed under the Spanish.

After the Missouri Compromise took place in 1821, the state was admitted into the union. This state was the twenty-fourth state to be admitted, and it was considered to be a slave state. More settlements were established, and the first newspaper and telegraph services were established in 1851. In March 28, 1853, Kansas City was officially incorporated. It was called the City of Kansas at their first election. But then it was later changed to Kansas City. Things went well, until the Civil War broke out.

During the Civil War, Kansas City was part of the North, though it was a hotbed for Confederate activity. Confederate soldiers there tried to get people residing in the area to join their side; however, they were not too successful. They fought bitterly, until the Civil War ended.

Even after the Civil War was over, there was still unrest in the city. This took place, until James and Tom Pendergast took over the city. Their era lasted from 1890 until 1940.

During the Pendergast era, many amazing things happened. The Pendergasts took measures to insure that National Prohibition did not have an effect on the city. In addition, they established the boulevard and park system. Downtown buildings were also built, and the city was made into the hub of aviation activity. Along with that, there was an establishment of the Negro Baseball League. The city also became a spot for outstanding night life, as Jazz musicians came there to perform. Even famous personalities, such as Walt Disney and Joyce Clyde Hall, settled down and made the city their home.

Today, Kansas City remains a hub of industrialized activity. The city also still has exceptional night life, entertainment, and opportunities for recreation. Kansas City is known as one of the largest cities in the United States today.

About Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is full of life and full of history. Kansas City offers excellent entertainment to everyone. Whether you are into night life or just want to enjoy some enriching family friendly activities, you will be able to find these here without any difficulty at all. You will also be able to enjoy some of the best Jazz performances in this country, as Jazz musicians come from all over the country to play.

Kansas City is also a hub of multicultural activity. People from all cultures and all walks of life come to this city to dwell, and they get along with one another and work together. Because so many different cultural groups reside here, you will be able to experience different ways of life, learn new things, and eat different foods.

Kansas City has some outstanding sites. You will be able to see everything from exceptional nature parks to prized historical building and museums. Bring along your camera because you will most certainly need it.

The city also offers its own unique style of food, which you will not find anywhere in this country. This food is of the Kansas City style barbeque variety. The Kansas City barbeque originated within the inner city neighborhood of 18 Street and Vine, and it has been enjoyed and prized ever since.

If you are into good and fulfilling recreation, you will be excited to know that you will find plenty here in Kansas City. If you want to go and see a good play with your family, you can do so in any of Kansas City's luxurious theaters. You can even watch a play in a dinner theater if you want, as there are plenty of those here in Kansas. These dinner theaters provide you of an excellent view of the play and mouthwatering food that will make you feel good and full. If you are into nature and relaxation, you can enjoy yourself and have a picnic and take in all of the pleasant surroundings.

Kansas City will also allow you to enjoy tons of modern conveniences. Public transportation is very reliable, and there are plenty of restaurants, parks, and stores all within walking distance from one another.

as you can see, Kansas city is a place where just about anyone can vacation and find enjoyment. Book your next vacation to Kansas City, and experience all of the wonderful things that you will find here.

About Jackson County, Missouri

Kansas City is the county seat of Jackson County. This county is interesting in that it is full of history and life.

before the county was taken over by settlers, it was home to the Osage Indian tribe. The tribe used the rivers for transportation to get from one place to another, and they also used the rivers to gather the necessary food to keep them alive, such as fish. Then the French trappers came along and began to settle. Once they have discovered the land, mapping out all of its resources, more settlers came in. These were the British and the Spanish.

Once the settlement took place, the county was built up. There were railroads, and the pace was incorporated. But when the civil War broke out, the county, as well as Kansas City were destroyed and had to be rebuilt.

Now, the county is well built up. There are numerous railroads that run through there, and there are traveling trains and freight trains that come through the county on a daily basis. There are also a number of major highways that come through the county.

As you can see, this county is very much industrialized and busy.

While the county is heavily industrialized, there are still many areas that are of a rural nature. You can still go to these areas and enjoy a more slowly paced lifestyle. Here, there is a ton of wild life to see, parks to enjoy, ad good old country life.

Whether you want to take a vacation to Jackson County or want to live there, it is important that you check everything out. After all, you do not want to miss out on anything that the county has to offer to you because everything about this county is outstanding.