Orlando Weather and Climate

Orlando, Florida is situated at 28.32 N and 81.22 W longitude and latitude respectively. It is close to the Tropic of Cancer and is in the center of a peninsula.  The climate of the area is humid year-round with hot summers. It has a low elevation, close to water and has dense vegetation thereby creating a hot climate. The average rainfall is more than 50 inches in Orlando. The winters are the moderate, making them enjoyable; it is even possible to go swimming in winters at times! The summer season is hot and rainy which lasts from June to September.

The summers are hot; the highest recorded temperature is 101 degree F (38 degree C). These months see a lot of thunderstorms almost every day followed by lightning and heavy rain. During the winters, humidity is lower and temperatures are more moderate. The winters are dry, snow being exceptionally rare.  Temperatures rarely go below 32 degree F (0 degree C).

Orlando’s driest season is between the months of October and May. There are often wildfire hazards and sometimes they become some very serious. The place also suffers from a hurricane risk but since the city is located 42 miles inland from the Atlantic, the hurricanes usually weaken before arriving. In case you want to travel to Orlando in the summer months, it is guaranteed that you will have a lot of sun. The winter season is also wonderful to experience.

The climate of Orlando can be said to be tropical even though it is situated on the southern fringe of the humid sub-tropical zone.  The climate of the place is very unique making it a pleasurable experience for the locals and also for the tourists who visit the place throughout the year.