Orlando Major Streets and Roadways

Orlando uses a grid system for its streets, which is common to most of the other well planned urban cities in United States. This makes navigation easier. The city is well connected through roads and railways. Transportation and communting to and from the city and suburbs is well planned out.

There is a primary interstate highway I-4 and the city is well connected with all the major streets and highways. A number of suburbs and downtown places experiences high traffic during the peak hours. 

The Beachline Expressway provides access to the International Airport and also serves as a gateway to all the major coastline areas. The highway and the expressway facilitate in the easy transportation of trade and commerce to various parts of the country.  There are multiple over bridges and connectors to handle the congestion during the important hours.  This helps in the smooth flowing of the traffic.

The city is well planned out and it is generally easy to locate desired destinations. Roadways tend to be well marked making it easy for the commuters to locate their points of arrival.

A number of avenues and roads face from the north to the south. There are many roads that run in a parallel fashion from the east to the west and connect with all the important cities and towns. This helps in the easy navigation with all the major commercial hubs in Orlando.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-4 - Traverses city from N to center to SW
  • Florida's Turnpike - Traverses city from NW to center to S
  • 528 - Branches from city center to E
  • 408 - Branches from city center W to E