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With its Bay Area, San Francisco offers a lot of scope for great pictures and videos. One of the most popular views of the city is with the Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground and the entire city in the background. The city itself is situated on 43 hills, which make the city intriguing. The presence of high rises add to the beauty of downtown.                            

The history comes alive with the pictures of the Mission San Francisco de Assisi. The city of San Francisco has developed at a rapid pace between the 1800s and the present day, which can be noticed in the mixture of past and present architecture. The landscape has undergone significant transformation since the olden days. The devastation caused by the great earthquake on 1906 which almost reduced the entire city to rubble, can be still seen in many parts of the city.

Not only can one see the blossoms beside the roads but also experience the manner in which the landscaping has been done in various parts of the city. And even if someone has not been to San Francisco during the summer, they can almost feel and experience the fog and the mist as they take a look at the photos and videos taken on a foggy morning.

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