San Francisco Major Streets and Roadways

The Streets of San Francisco have an elaborate layout and have 100 numbered streets per block. The streets bearing even and odd numbers are opposite to each other, making it easier to find one's way.

Streets that move from north to south include Hyde Street, Webster Street, Kearny Street, Gough Street, Franklin Street, Divisadero Street, Mission Street, Dolores Street, Folsom Streets and more. Some of those that have an east-west direction include the famous Bay Street, Fell Street, Lombard Street, Bush Street, O’Farell Street and Geary Street.

The Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge probably form the most notable streets of the city. But there are also the other expressways and freeways like the James Lick Freeway that turns into the Bayshore Freeway towards the south and the Southern Freeway.

With some of the streets are numbered in a manner that the even numbers and odd numbers are on the opposite side. Therefore it is always recommended that you ask for the address rather than trying to search for everything on your own. There are also multiple street grids in some areas like the downtown area making it relatively confusing for the new comer.

After the earthquake of 1906, it was suggested that the streets of the city be designed and laid out with the latest design. However, the citizens of San Francisco denied that and chose speed over everything else, ensuring that they rebuilt the streets as quickly as possible.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-80 - Branches from city center to NE
  • 101 - Traverses city from NW to SE
  • I-280 - Runs along SE end of city