San Francisco Business Information

San Francisco is the economic hub of the state of California and the United States. The tourism industry is the backbone of the city’s economy. San Francisco attracts the third highest number of foreign tourists in the country. The city is home to many large multinational banks, financial institutions and venture capital firms who have set up their headquarters in San Francisco.

San Francisco is rightly referred to as the city of dreamers and doers; it is a city for innovators and entrepreneurs with numerous startups originating from the region. The proximity to the Silicon Valley has contributed to the fame. San Francisco is gradually emerging as a biotech and biomedical hub with the University of California San Francisco actively involved in various research and developmental activities involving stem cells and regenerative medicine.

City government, University of California-San Francisco and Wells Fargo are the top three major employers in the region. The city of San Francisco encourages investments and provides assistance for setting up businesses in the region.

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