Baltimore Business Information

Baltimore was once a major industrial town with industries like steel processing, shipping, auto manufacturing and more. Over time there was a deindustrialization that took place leaving many people without a home and a job. Today the city has a more service based economy that provides financial growth and business opportunities.

The larger Baltimore area, called Greater Baltimore, is home to five Fortune 1000 companies. These companies include Constellation Energy, Grace Chemicals, Legg Mason, T. Rowe Price, and McCormick & Company. The city is well known for the large number of biotechnology companies and the amount of research and development that comes from this area in the life sciences niche. The John Hopkins University and the John Hopkins Hospital are the largest employers in the city.

Business administrators in Baltimore should be sure to acquire appropriate licenses from the government. While the process is relatively simple and available on the Internet on government web sites, it is important to follow through the entire process before you can start a commercial venture.

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