Pittsburgh Weather and Climate

Like many cities in the United States, the city of Pittsburgh enjoys a continental climate. It is often humid and July is considered the warmest month in Pittsburgh with temperatures reaching 72.6 'F. January is often the coldest month here with temperatures dipping to sub zero levels or about 18 degree Celsius. The precipitation in this city is evenly spread among the four seasons. This is because of its close location to the Allegheny mountains. The average snowfall in this city is generally 40 inches per year. The snowfall normally occurs between October and March.

When you are in Pittsburgh, don't be surprised to see a few thunderstorms and odd wet days and be prepared to face such changes in climatic conditions. It is pretty common in this area. Summer is considered to be the best time to visit Pittsburgh since the weather will be mostly stable with the least amount of rain. Spring and fall are also pleasant in the city and many people visit during this period as well.

Although the city enjoys good weather and climate in Pittsburgh, the city has been ranked as the 3rd most polluted metropolitan area in the United States. Even though the levels of pollution have decreased over the last 2-3 years, it is still far from acceptable levels. Despite this fact, people continue to visit year-round largely due to its attractions and overall climate.