Pittsburgh Business Information

Pittsburgh has been the host for many businesses in the United States for a long time. The various industries that are set up here include steel, glass and oil. We can find income coming in from education, healthcare, robotics, financial services and in the recent times, from films and tourism industry also. The city boasts some of the best entrepreneurs, according to a famous website by the name entrepreneurs.com.

In the year 2008, the Forbes magazine placed it in the list of top ten upcoming technically strong cities on this planet. Some of the major corporations like the U.S. Steel Corp., PNC Financial Services Group , H.J. Heinz PPG industries, WESCO International and Allegheny Technologies are immensely proud to call Pittsburgh their home. During the recent economic crisis, Pittsburgh was among one of the cities which embraced it and did not suffer like the other did. Many economists also praised the city for the same.

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