Pittsburgh Major Streets and Roadways

Public transportation is important to explore the city of Pittsburgh cheaply. The city which is surrounded by hills comprises of transportation sytems by roads, rail roads, tunnels, bridges and even bike paths. The hills and rivers in and around the city make transportation quite difficult. A notable thing in Pittsburgh is the absence of a dedicated contiguous beltway surrounding the city unlike most of the major cities of US.

The main highway I-376 referred as the "Parkway East" by the locals connects Pittsburgh to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A part of I-376 called the "Parkway West" connects downtown Pittsburgh to the Pittsburgh International Airport terminal. The Southern Expressway, I-279 runs north of the city and ultimately merges with I-79 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Southern Expressway due to its direction is also termed as the "Parkway North".

Two distinct grid systems can be seen in the formation of the surface streets in Pittsburgh. You can find a lot of avenues and boulevards which are easily accessible with the finely laid-out surface streets from north to south.

The same can be said for the surface streets east to west of Pittsburgh which are laid-out and named in such a manner so as to help the residents and the visitors to find a place without much difficulty.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-79 - Traverses through W side of city N to S
  • I-76 - Traverses through NE side of city N to SE
  • I-279 - Branches from I-79 to city center
  • US 30 - Traverses city W to E
  • I-376 - Traverses through city W to E