Portland Gallery

Portland offers fantastic photo opportunities to tourists. There are many stunning visuals and stunning locales that dot the city of Portland. Visitors regularly snap great photos.  Some of the best known places that can thrill photo enthusiasts are Mt.Tabor Park, Council Crest Park, St. Johns Bridge, Portland Cityscape and International Rose Test Garden.

Mt. Tabor Park

Situated on the southeast side of Portland, this inactive volcanic area is home to lots of cherry trees that contrast well with the lush green background. From here, tourists can even shoot some pictures of Mt. Hood as well as the skyline of Portland. 

Council Crest Park

This is on the southwest side of Portland, and is the highest point in the city. From this vantage point, one can capture almost the entire Portland areas and its surroundings.

St. Johns Bridge

A visitor’s Portland photo collection will not be complete without a picture of this important landmark. Visually stunning, this bridge is something that is not only appealing to the naked eye, but will also look great on print or on digital media.

Portland CityScape

The best place to take a picture of the Portland CityScape is from the east side of the Sellwood Bridge. The shiny and shimmering night lights of Portland will look great if captured on a good camera.

International Rose Test Garden

This venue, arguably, is the best place for some great Portland photos. Mt. Hood and all the surrounding greenery can be captured to perfection from this 4.5 acre rose test garden.

Some other interesting places of photographic interest in Portland are Saturday Market, Broadway Street, Pioneer Square, Pearl District, and Tom McCall Waterfront Park.