About Oregon

The State of Oregon is located in the Pacific Northwest region of Northern America. The state's neighbors are Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho. The state of Oregon was created in 1848 and the state became the 33rd state to be part of United States in 1859. The state capital of Oregon is Salem, the state of Portland is the most populous city in United States. The population of the state is over 3.8 million according to the 2010 population census, up 10 percent from 2000.

State Nickname

The state nickname of Oregon is "The Beaver State", a nickname adopted in 1840. The state got the nickname from the 19th century beaver pelt hats that were popular along the streams of Oregon. The beaver is also the state animal of the State of Oregon.

Climate Summary

The climate throughout the state of Oregon is considered mild, however the state has areas where the region experiences extreme hot and cold. The western part of the state of Oregon is very influenced by the presence of the Pacific Ocean, where the maximum population of the state of Oregon is located. The eastern and central regions of Oregon are much drier that the rest of the state and are mildly populated.

State Tax Situation

The state of Oregon is one of the only five states that have no sales tax. The corporate tax of Oregon is the minimum among states in U.S. at only $10 annually. Oregon is also one the only six states in United States to have annual revenue limit, in which the state returns money back to the citizens after a 2% increase.

Government Summary

The state of Oregon separates powers just like the federal government of United States. The state department is separated into three branches: legislative, executive and the judicial. A governor is elected for a period of four years.

State Seal

The state seal of Oregon was selected in 1857 and was designed by Harvey Gordon. The state seal displays an American eagle with its wings outstretched. The eagle sits above a shield that is filled with symbols of the 33rd state. Of the numerous symbols on the shield a sun sets over the Pacific Ocean with the British man of war is sailing away in the distant.

Motto & Description

The state motto of Oregon has adopted the motto "She Flies With Her Own Wings" or in Latin "Alis Volat Propiis". The motto was adopted in 1987 after replacement of the old motto "The Union" which was adopted in 1957. The old motto "The Union" is also found on the state seal.

State Flag

The flag of Oregon has a navy blue background with an optional gold fringe on top of which is the state seal. On the reverse side of the flag is the figure of a beaver, the state animal in gold.

State Bird

The state bird of Oregon is Western Meadowlark, a brightly colored bird found in the central and western USA and also in southern Canada. Other states which use the same bird as their official state bird are the states of Kansas, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana.

State Flower

The state flower of Oregon is the Berberis aquifolium also known as Mahonia, adopted by the Oregon Legislature in 1899. The flower is native to the region along the coast of the Pacific coast. The Berberis tree also bears a fruit that is used for cooking.

State Animal

The state animal for Oregon is the American Beaver or the Castor Canadensis that was adopted in the 1969. The state is also called as "The Beaver State" which led to the state choosing the Beaver as its state animal. The state animal is also found on the back of the state flag.

State Song And Description

The song of the Oregon state is titled as "Oregon, My Oregon" that was adopted in 1927 by the Oregon State Legislature. The song was written in 1920 for a contest by John Andrew Buchanan and music composer Henry Bernard Murtagh.

State Colors

The state color of Oregon is designated by the state in 1959 as Blue and Gold. The colors Blue and Gold are the same colors seen in the state flag of Oregon.