Portland Business Information

The location and numerous advantages that Portland has to offer is one of the biggest attractions to numerous industries to this city. The city get access to energy at low costs, abundant raw materials for manufacturing, Major interstates to east, west, north and south, large shipping ports, intercontinental railroads and international airports. All that is required from an international business city are all available here. The city also ranks highly on the most "livable" list of cities in Untied States with its great infrastructure, environmentally friendly government, crime, sanitation, personal freedom, natural open spaces, breweries, low cost real estate and other reasons.

The city of Portland is also known as the "Silicon Forest", mainly because of the numerous technology companies that the city has attracted in the past ten years. World's largest chip manufacturer, Intel is the largest employer in Portland with more than 15,000 people working for it in its manufacturing facility. The city is also the north American headquarters for Adidas. The city is also a major location for steel manufacturing units, an industry that dates back to the World War II. The largest steel company in Portland in the Schnitzer Steel Industries that uses the shipping facilities of the Portland port to export steel to the other parts of the world. Business Information can be found on government websites and also from Facebook groups created by the government to invite people to share their experiences doing business in Portland.

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