Cleveland Events

The city of Cleveland hosts a variety of events attracting lot of people from all across the world. The fascinating events across the city add to the charm and glory of the city. A host of spectacular events are held in Cleveland. The city bustles with dozens of festivals from the mid May to the mid September. There are events which celebrate the rich and glorious ethnic heritage of the city. Some of the well known events in the city are:

The events of Cleveland are not just limited to the ones mentioned above. There are other events which showcases environmental issues, the marriage of arts and technology, mouth-watering cuisines and different cultures. Concerts, dance, exhibits and music make the events even more fascinating. To conclude, the city of Cleveland has plenty of events year round that encourage the tourists to visit the place more often.

  • Hessler Street Festival
  • Greek Heritage Festival
  • The Great American Rib Cook-off and Music Festival
  • Parade the Circle
  • Vintage Ohio
  • Twins Day Festival

Cleveland Events

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