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Cincinnati has an atmosphere of beauty and excitement. There are many adventures to be had in Greater Cincinnati and many sights to see. For those who have a special place in their hearts for the arts the city features some wonderful museums and galleries that will definitely be of interest. Special places of interest may include:

If your interest happens to be nature, there are also wonderful sights for you as well which include: Cincinnati Nature Center, Campbell Lake Preserve or Caesar Creek State Park and Beach. If you are interested in sporting events you might take in a Reds Game or be a spectator at the NASCAR raceway in Kentucky. For those that enjoy a bit of the "clown" then a day at the Cincinnati Circus Company would definitely be the idea outing. There are many wonderful ways to spend a day in Greater Cincinnati, and ones that will keep you longing for more.

  • American Classical Music Hall of Fame
  • 21c Museum
  • Art Beyond Boundaries
  • Aronoff Center for the Arts
  • Behringer-Crawford Museum
  • Cincinnati Arts Galleries

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