Cincinnati Major Streets and Roadways

Visitors and residents that are trying to find their way around Cincinnati will be happy to know that the metropolis is based on a grid pattern, which makes finding your way around much easier. The grid system is a pattern that is used to best design the city streets to ensure the safety and convenience of getting from one destination to the next. The grid pattern allows major streets within a city to be laid out, which accounts for better planning. It is a precise laying out of the streets. Each city block is allotted 100 building numbers.

Greater Cincinnati is an easy to navigate city with the streets well planned and laid out and locating streets, avenues or boulevards is not a difficult task. When searching for a particular street, it is often best to locate a major boulevard or avenue to help to find what you are looking for easier.

There are many different names for the streets. You will find that some are named with letters, while others numbers and some will be named with names such as names of trees, people, and so on.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-275 - Circles city
  • I-71 - Cuts through the center of the city NE to SW
  • I-74 - Branches from center to NW
  • I-75 - Cuts through the center of the city from N to S
  • Appalachian Hwy - Branches from I-275 to E