Detroit Major Streets and Roadways

Detroit is a bustling city with a huge population. The presence of the many highways, roads and streets has made it possible for commuters to move from one place to another. In spite of the presence of the rail network, road transport including buses is the main mode of transport in the city. Most of the interstates and freeways are congested during the rush hour traffic.

The Interstate 75 is southbound between I-696 and the Rochester curve. The Eastbound I-696 is from woodward avenue to Dequindre Curve. There are many other major freeways in Detroit Most of the freeways connect Detroit to the various suburbs that are present. The Lodge freeway for example connects downtown to Southfield.

The smaller streets in Detroit are laid in a pattern of wheel and spoke. There are other streets in a grid formation and Strip farm formation. Though this was the early development during the French time, the newly laid streets run East to West and North to South. The mile road starts and runs East to West and starts in Detroit downtown and then increases northwards.

The North to South grids that are seen is the most modern developments. These roads were laid after the colonial era. The French system of roads could be confusing to those who visit the city for the first time.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-96 - Branches from center to NW
  • I-275 - Runs on W from N to S
  • I-75 - Runs more or less N to W through city
  • I-94 - Traverses city from SW through city to NE
  • 23 - On far W of city runs from N to S