Detroit Business Information

One of the most vibrant cities as far as business goes is the city of Detroit. This is the city that started the automobile revolution of sorts has not had the same success in the recent past, but is seeing a resurgence in the auto industry. The three major companies Ford, General Motors and Chrysler had their plants in Detroit. Today, there are other industries that have overtaken the automobile industry. For example, Vision IT, an Information technology company has been in the forefront of the industries in the city.

There are also carious other industries in the city. Though the Information Technology industry is leading the pack, some of the other industries that are present in the city include the manufacturing, software, construction, environmental services, media and other services. The various industries had been on a rapid growth phase, but the recent downtrend in the economy has pushed back the developments a little. In spite of this, the resilient city has seen a surge in various businesses like Information Technology.

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