Detroit Golf and Golf Courses

Detroit has some great golf. It has a great season of ideal outdoor weather and climate for trips to the links. Some courses are located near top notch resorts with specials targeting frequent golfers.

The variety of golf courses and terrains that it offers is amazing. As you play golf you can also experience the beauty of the city. There are golf courses that range from 9 holes to 18 holes so that you can choose the one that you like.

Golf Courses

Detroit golf courses cover a wide range of quality, price, and prestige. Some are high end clubs attracting the most elite golfers. Others are much more casual and suit anyone.

Some of these courses serve as training academies for golf aspirants. Golfing enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the standards maintained on these courses. The golf courses are maintained well so that the playing conditions are always optimal. There are some that are full service places with practice facilities, golf equipment and more. There are many that also arrange for training and coaching too.

The courses are affordable and many provide lessons for those that are wanting to learn the sport or wishing to improve their game. Golfers of all skill levels will find a course that offers them the challenge they need in a setting that is purely spectacular.



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