Baltimore Real Estate

There are various neighborhoods in Baltimore. These neighborhoods vary in demographics, price, and layout. Since the 1980's, community development has been significant.

A very common type of home in Baltimore is the row house. They remain very popular even today.

Some of the popular residential areas in the city include Bolton Hill that offers a distinctive brown exterior, Butchers Hill that has some very nice independent and detached houses and Canton where you are likely to get some really good two to three storey houses. The houses in the Federal Hill area overlook the Inner Harbor and have a roof top deck in most cases. The Fell's Point is another extremely popular residential area. The proximity that this place offers to shops and eateries is an added advantage.

Homes in My Area

You can get an average home in Baltimore from anywhere between $70,000 and $400,000. The exact price depends on the location, whether it is an independent house or a condo and the number of rooms and open area that the house has. The further that you go away from the main downtown area, the cheaper the real estate prices are likely to be.

Think of the specific kind of housing that fits your requirements, the budget that you have in mind, the place where you shall be able to get a mortgage from and then start to look for appropriate houses in Baltimore. Make sure that you hire a reliable real estate agent in order to get a good deal.