Tampa Major Streets and Roadways

A city like Tampa needs a well maintained network of roads for a variety of reasons. Commuters who are forced to travel over long distances over crowded roads will obviously prefer living elsewhere. Businesses that have to grapple with road issues will shift elsewhere. Tourism will be badly hit as roads get clogged. This is why planners in Tampa are constantly focusing on the freeways and other surface streets catering to the city.

Tampa is connected with the rest of the country through two freeways - one running on a North-South axis and the other running on an East-West axis. A third freeway runs parallel to the city to its east and caters to the New Tampa area. There are two expressways around Tampa towards its North and South that connect with the freeways. These expressways are very important as far as immediate connectivity with other towns are concerned. 

Apart from these roads, there are other State roads designed to provide connectivity between different cities in Florida. Numerous such roads intersect or pass close to the city to facilitate smooth movement of goods and services. Despite the presence of quality infrastructure, transportation is a problem because of the constant increase in population of the city combined with the additional pressure on the road infrastructure and pace of development increases. 

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-275 - Traverses city from NE to SW
  • I-4 - Branches from city center to E
  • I-75 - Traverses city from N to S