Tampa Gallery

The Morean Arts Center hosts numerous exhibits that treat your senses. While photography may not be allowed inside the exhibition, you can capture the architectural beauty of the spot even as the Bay in the background offers additional photo opportunities.

Those who like beautiful buildings will love the architecture of Tampa. The city consists of tall, modern, and functional skyscrapers combined with beautiful old-fashioned homes that are spread over vast horizontal distances without going beyond one story in height.

Nature lovers ought to check out the Myakka State Park, situated just 30 miles from Tampa. The city is a great place to capture the beauty of different fish and sea birds. Have a fast camera in hand to take a photo of the preying sea bird dipping into the water to pull a fish out in a fraction of a second.

You can also spend hours on the beach taking breathtaking photos of the sun setting into the sea even as its rays continue to glitter on the waves.