Denver Gallery

The picturesque metro city of Denver is not only famous for its landscapes, located on the foothills of Rocky Mountains but is also famous for the splendid highrises that can help you mark the city and neighborhood. The city has an enchanting skylines just like any other large American metropolitan city. Republic Plaza which stands 218m high is not only the tallest bulding in the city but also in the state of Colorado. Other tall structures in the city are 1801 California Street and the Wells Fargo Center. The city is dotted with skyscrapers which were mostly built between 1970 and mid 1980s.

Other than tall buildings, other structures to look for in Denver are Sage Building and the sports complex. Some of the beautiful buildings are Denver City and County Building, Denver Capitol Hill, Mobil Four-Star Brown Palace Hotel (classic architecture). Some of the places worth a visit are the Red Rock amphitheatre, Lakeside Amusement Park, The Denver Pavilion, Denver Performing Arts Complex etc. The city is also plush with beautiful gardens and parks which make the city lovelier making it a multifaceted and truly a metro city.