Real Estate Investment in Our Nation’s Capital

Commercial real estate investment is a key factor in preserving the buildings, row houses, lofts, and apartments that compose the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. As these buildings age, important investment techniques must be enacted. Preserving what the city had, and setting the foundation for a healthy future are important responsibilities for real estate investors.

Long-Term or Short-Term Solutions

More often than not, structural and cosmetic concerns need to be addressed with a high sense of urgency. The decision to invest in long-term solutions will pay higher dividends, as opposed to short-term fixes. This becomes especially relevant for an investor looking to resell the property in a year or two.

However, some short-term solutions are needed when time and other resources are scarce. Landscaping is the best way to greatly improve the appearance of any property. Simple cosmetic solutions such as lighting improvement, broken window repair, and odor removal are inexpensive jobs, yet critical selling points to future tenants.

The Little Things

Real estate investors within the D.C. area must maximize income and decrease future expenses. Increasing the rent, supplying tenants the option to use quarter-fed washer and dryer machines within the complex, and vending machines are all excellent options.

A Changing Climate

Environmental pollutants alter policy decisions on Capitol Hill and commercial property building requirements. External appearance, while a critical selling point, is no longer the sole concern of tenants.

In D.C., it is important for a property owner to obtain a clean Environmental Phase One Report (EPOR). This will verify the building is free of asbestos, radon gas, and run-off/oil contaminants. While a minor formality, it is necessary to reduce the green footprint of land development

What Does It All Mean?

While the pressure to embark on a journey to save the history surrounding D.C. for a property investor is minimal, potential repercussions must be taken into account. In recent years, the city has invested valuable resources into jumpstarting the economy, lowering crime, and improving the public education system.

Investors should embrace the responsibility of providing environmentally friendly, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing living spaces to D.C. citizens. Smart real estate initiatives and long-term investments will heighten the allure of living in our nation’s capital—beyond 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This article was published by JeffLeighton.

Jeff (J.R.) Leighton is the owner of Action Homebuyers, a Washington, D.C. real estate investment company that buys houses in as little as 7 days as a solution for homeowners looking to sell their property quickly, “as is,” and without real estate agents.



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