District of Columbia

About Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. is the capital of United States that was created as a special district or city to serve as the capital of the United States. The district was created on the orders of a special amendment in the United States Constitution that allows for the creation of a 10 sq mile area for federal use, which is responsible for its own security and maintenance. The capital was shifted from Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. in 1790.


Washington, D.C. has not officially adopted state nickname, however the city is known by a number of nicknames some of which are good and some of which not so good. The list of popular nicknames are: "The Capital of the World", "Chocolate City", "District of Crime", City of magnificent Distances", "Murder Capital of the World" and "News Capital of the World".

Climate Summary

According to the Koppen climate classification, Washington is located in a humid sub-tropical climate zone. This area is marked by four distinct seasons that are easily distinguishable from each other with the change of color of the trees and change in average temperatures.

Tax Situation

Taxes in Washington D.C. range in between that of the tax rates charges in the state of Maryland and that of Virginia. Depending upon the overall income, the rate of taxes varies, the higher the income the more taxes need to be paid.

Government Summary

According to an article in the United States Constitution, the United States Congress has complete authority over the city of Washington, D.C. A governor elected by the people for Washington, D.C., however the congress retains the ultimate authority over laws passed and other decisions taken.


The seal of Washington, D.C. depicts the United States Capitol building, a train moving across a bridge and the statues of Lady Justice and George Washington. The seal also has the motto "Justitia Omnibus" and the year 1871, the year in which Washington D.C. took its current form.

Motto & Description

The district of Washington has adopted the motto, "Justitia Omnibu", which in Latin means Justice for All. The motto was passed as the official motto by the first legislative assembly held in 1871.


The fag of Washington D.C. was adopted in 1938. The flag is based on the design of George Washington's Coat of Arms and has three red stars on top of two red bars above a white background. The fag design was submitted by Charles A.R. who responded to a public competition organized by the Congress to find an official flag.


The official bird of Washington, D.C. is the Wood Thrush, a American Robin like bird that is found in the forests of eastern United States. The Wood Thrush is more often seen than heard and has a cinnamon brown color, with the underside white. The head is much richer in color than the rest of the body.


Washington, D.C's official flower is the American Beauty Rose. The flower is no longer produced for commercial use. It is not clearly known when the flower was adopted as the official flower of the Washington. D.C.


Washington, D.C. has no officially adopted animal till date. No need has been felt to name an official animal for the district that is 10 sq miles wide.

Song And Description

The official song of Washington, D.C. does not have an official status, and the official song status is hung between the song "Washington" written by Jimmie Dodd the "Star Spangled Banner" written by Francis Scott Key.


The official colors of Washington, D.C. are not selected. However the colors from the flag of Washington, white and red are unofficially taken to be the colors of the district.