What Is It Like to Live in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has multiple personalities. To visitors its a glitzy scene of excitement, wonderous sites, and non-stop entertainment. To residents it's a place to work, hang out, go to church, do some shopping and enjoy occasional entertainment options. Those who live in the valley see the Strip as a distant billboard or a place to work.

Benefits to living in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas you can find anything you're looking for. If you want traditional and conservative you can find it. If you want wild and exciting you can find it. If you want weird and kinky you can find it. Las Vegas is the place to find anything.

  • Exceptional entertainment options
  • Compact city - Quick relative commutes
  • Highways allow for manageable traffic
  • There is a steady job base - not all careers are steady, but for many there is always work
  • One can find religion - reports suggest there are more churches per capita than anywhere else in the country
  • Residential neighborhoods are well organized and there are housing options to fit all tastes

Things to Do

There is plenty to do in the valley. Whether it's hitting a hot destination for fun or treking out in the desert on a hike there are many, many options.

  • Catch a show
  • Tour the Strip
  • Visit Mt. Charleston
  • Explore Red Rock
  • Golf
  • Meet with a group or club
  • Play Laser Tag or Paintball

Places to Go

There are many places to explore and visit.

  • Red Rock
  • The Shark Reef
  • M&M Store
  • Lion Habitat
  • City Center


Las Vegas tends to have friendly people. Most people don't know their neighbors well because of the extreme temperatures. However, if you approach someone they are willing to help and often start up conversation. Many people who come to Vegas come looking for something. They want friends, work, spiritual guidance, adventure, etc. They enjoy entertainment and seek for the good things of life.

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