Las Vegas Golf Clubs and Resorts

The first things most people think of in anticipation of arriving in Las Vegas for a vacation are the sounds of a typical casino. Coins clank and drop from a slot machine. Hundreds of video poker games beep and ding. Of course you can't ignore the screaming winner who just blackjacked on a $200 bet. Swingers clubs in Vegas resorts are also a major attraction. But we’re not talking about Vegas activities and resort clubs where husband and wife loan their love to another person for a night or two. Sure, Vegas is the place to let loose, but don't become a theft of identity because you went a little too crazy "The Hangover" style... Keep it classy with a club and golf ball. Las Vegas is a city with more than 55 golf resorts and country clubs that have the same competitive and thrilling atmosphere that you'd find from any poker room on the strip. Plus with hot summers and mild winters, golf and poker can go hand-in-hand year-round in Sin City.

Gold Clubs & Resorts

Whether you're a professional golfer or a die-hard gambler who happens to enjoy a round of gold here and there, finding gold courses that are affordable and luxurious is an important factor. Visit the following beautiful golf courses:

  • Durango Hills Golf Club is an affordable option and features an excellent view of the Red Rock Mountains. Every hole on the course has at least one bunker, including its signature par 3, 18th hole.
  • Painted Desert Golf Club has one of the most scenic views of all the courses in Las Vegas. It's priced right for just about anyone. The course, which was designed by noted architect Jay Morrish, is best known for its number 8 hole, a 187-yard par 3 surrounded by water and bunkers, which provides an excellent test for your mid-iron game.

Golf Academy & School

Shaped by one of the greatest golfers of all time, the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf provides a proven learning environment to better your game. It offers customizable group and private lessons that are tailored to fit your individual skill set and goals. The academy also has a staff of professionals with extensive experience in the game who you can turn to for questions and help with technique. Golf expert Don Johnson has coached several PGA and LPGA champions, including a junior world champion. Doug Roberts is also a golf professional and member of the PGA who has helped thousands of aspiring players correct their swings.

The Butch Harmon School of Golf, named after and operated by the former coach of Tiger Woods, is another excellent resource for learning the game of golf. It offers two- and three-day seminars throughout the year that cover driving, putting and the mid-range game. Harmon himself is one of the instructors thereby setting the academy apart from others.

Vegas has a lot to offer vacationers and tourists beyond gambling. World-class shows, shopping, and even golf wait to be discovered!



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