The Best Community Resource For New Las Vegas Residents

While most people visit Las Vegas for the casinos, gambling and shows, not many visitors realize this is a town like any other where people live and raise families. The city of Las Vegas has many programs available for its residents that provide for just about every need and then some.

If you're a new resident, welcome! The city's Parks and Recreation department is the best community resource to help get you acclimated. They'll help you find out what is available to you and your family for fun outside of the usual tourist attractions. By partnering with several organizations in the surrounding areas and suburbs they help provide Vegas residents with the excellent standards of living.

Where Does My Boat/ATV/Camper Go?

Camping, watersports, and motor sports are very popular in the desert. Consulting with the city's Parks and Recreation department will help you find the best campsites and lakes in the area. If you need to store any recreational vehicles that might be used for family vacations or staycations, there are many vendors who offer smart self storage for boats, trailers, campers, and even your household goods.

You Can Swim In The Desert

Although Las Vegas is located in a desert region, swimming is a very popular activity with kids and families trying to staying cool in the heat of the day. The Parks and Recreation department there offers swim lessons all year round and has more than a dozen public pools city wide in which to practice these skills. Lots of other recreational activities for youth and families are offered during the summer months too, but early registration by residents is recommended and required.

Special Events

Annually, the city of Henderson, which is a suburb of Vegas, holds a massive swim lesson for its residents. This isn't just any swim lesson, it's also an attempt to break a world record. One year, over 19,000 residents in nine of the public pools managed to help break the world record of a simultaneous global massive swim lesson! Residents have to register in advance to participate, and it receives extensive media coverage, especially if the record is broken. Residents love being part of historical moments like this.

Come Live With Us

The city of Las Vegas, and the surrounding area, is a wonderful example of a community focused on family and fun. There are always jobs aplenty for the adults and myriad activities for the kids. Our schools and teachers work hard to make sure the children's education is up to par. When you come to play in Vegas, take a look around and survey the area for everything else it has to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised and might even find a place to stay indefinitely. Our city would be happy to have you and your family live, work, and play with us.



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