Dayton, Ohio

Located in the state of Ohio, Dayton is the 6th largest city in the state and also the 5th most populous. Dayton is also the 4th largest metropolitan area in Ohio and 61st largest metropolitan area in all of USA. The county is known for its industrial sector and also enjoys a very good economic status compared to other state in Ohio.

Enjoying a humid continental climate, the city has dry winters and hot summers to offer. The city that is often known as the "gem city", Dayton has something to offer to everyone. While on one side there are the many museums on the other there are parks and other such recreation. spots too. The city also hosts festivals from time to time which allow a peak into the culture of the region. The city also loves various sports that are offered here or once can just simply take in the food and fine arts that Dayton boasts of.

Dayton is a great place to live in. The city also has a bustling nightlife, various places to eat, places to see and can also offer you a great shopping experience. The city is known for its ambient social atmosphere and its lively residents.

Dayton History

Founded on the first day of April, in the year 1796 by the Thompson Party, Dayton is a city that has enjoyed a prominent position on the map. The city was incorporated only in 1805 two years after Ohio was admitted into the Union. The city went through a series of wars and problems but seemed to emerge each time with a stronger will and grew into an even larger and more prosperous place.

In 1797 Daniel C. Cooper laid out the Mad River Road which played a huge role in the fate of Dayton in the next century to come. It was the first overland connection between Cincinnati, Ohio and Dayton and Cooper went on to open the "Mad River Country" at Dayton which also opened the doors of the upper Miami Valley to settlers. The city was incorporated and named after Jonathan Dayton who was a captain from the American Revolutionary War. In 1827 the Dayton- Cincinnati Canal was made operational and this contributed greatly to the development of the city.

The city seemed to be the birthplace of many invention and right from the famous Wright Brothers to the Charles F. Kettering, everyone operated in Dayton. The National Cash Register Company that was founded by John Henry Patterson in 1884 manufactured the first cash registers in existence and operated from Dayton. In 1906, Charles F. Kettering came up with the electrical cash register. The American Navy bombe that helped crack the Enigma machine cipher was also designed here by Joseph Desch. In 1913, the city was hit by the Great Dayton Flood that did damage a lot of buildings and also ruined the photographs of several of the Wright Brother's plane plans.

The Second World War had the city fighting like the rest of America and then was born the Dayton Project where the Monsanto Company Chemical Company developed methods to produce polonium to use in the triggers of early atomic bombs, including those dropped by the United States on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and also Japan. In order to keep the area safe from attackers, there were emergency homes set up around the region, which continued to stay even after the war was over. The city grew through the 1940s to the 1970s, only to take a dip after than due to the drop in heavy manufacturing.

About Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio is the county seat of Montgomery and is also known as the "Gem city". The city is the hometown of Wright Brothers, sicne it was here that the two brothers developed the basics of their plane while working in their bicycle shop. The city is said to be one of the two major logistics centroids of USA since it is located within 500 miles of 60% of the population and manufacturing capacity of USA.

Dayton covers an area of 56.6 sq mi of which 0.9 sq mi is water. The 2010 census stated that the population of the city was 141,527, which was 174rth in the country. The population comprised of 53.40% White, 43.10% Black and 0.30% Native Americans and also 0.65% Asians and only 0.04% Pacific Islander. The median income of a household in the city was $27,523.

The economy of the city spreads into various streams. So while on one had Dayton houses the Reynolds and Reynolds headquarters on the other there are other industry leaders such as CareSource, Cargill, NewPage Corporation, Huffy Bicycles, LexisNexis, Kettering Health Network, Premier Health Partners, Standard Register, Dayton Reliable Tool and Teradata that also operate from the city.

Known as the birthplace of aviation, the city still continues to play a huge role in the aviation industry. In fact the highest number of people are employed by the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Premier Health Partners, LexisNexis, Wright State University are a few other major employers of the city.

Dayton offers several architectural wonders of which the Historic Sacred Heart Church is one. The Kettering Tower, which is the tallest building in the city, is also a delight to see. There is the Mutual Home Saving building that is known for its height too while Dayton Daily News building is known for standing tall since 1611. St. Mary's Hall and the Immaculate Conception Chapel at the University of Dayton are a must see not only for their history, but also their fine architecture.

The city also offers a wide array of entertainment options. The Vectren Dayton Air Show which is an annual event draws a huge crowd while the Splash Moraine pulls in crowds who like to enjoy water parks and waves. Sports like basketball and ice hockey can be enjoyed here too and soccer and baseball are quite a hit also.

About Montgomery County, Ohio

Located in the State of Ohio, Montgomery has its county seat as Dayton city. The county is the 4th most populous county in Ohio and is named after Richard Montgomery who was an American Revolutionary War general and was killed in 1775 while attempting to capture Quebec City in Canada.

The county occupies and area of 464 square miles of which 0.58% is water. According to the 2010 census there were 535,153 people living in the county of which 76.57% were White, 19.86% were African American, 0.23% were Native American, 1.31% were Asians and 0.04% were Pacific Islanders. The median income for a household in the Montgomery was $40,156.

This landlocked county has Miami County on the North, Greene County on the east, Warren County on the south and Preble County on the west. Apart from Dayton the county also hosts several other important cities like Brookville, Carlisle, Centerville, Clayton, Englewood, Riverside, Oakwood and also Trotwood. The important townships of the county are Clay, Jackson, Perry, Butler, and German Township. There are a few census designated places in the county too and of these Drexel, Shiloh, Northridge are a few important ones.

The county has several places of historical importance and these have been preserved very well by the authorities. The Arnold Homestead, the George Bixler Farm, the Deerwood Farm, the Fox Hollow, Jacob's Church and Market Square in Miamisburg are a few worth mentioning. The Montgomery County's Greek revival-style courthouse that was completed in 1850 deserves a special mention too.

The county is also known for its educational institutions. Of the post-secondary institutions Air Force Institute of Technology and the Sinclair Community College are a few important public ones. University of Dayton and the Kettering College of Medical Arts are two very important private colleges in Montgomery. The county also offers several schools and in fact houses many school districts too.