Hickory, North Carolina

Hickory is the 162nd largest urban area in the United States, and is a city situated in the county of Catawba, NC. The city was home to Tori Amos for the first two years of her life and has seen several other famous personalities emerging from its pristine surroundings. Hickory is located in North Carolina and has a population of 40,010.

It is part of the Hickory Lenoir and Morganton Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is also known as the Unifour by the locals. The combined population of the Unifour is 341,851 and that makes the metropolitan area of Hickory the 4th largest in the state of North Carolina. With its rich history, culture and southern sense of living, Hickory has emerged as a town of survivors of human, natural and political turbulences.

For the discerning traveller, Hickory offers many indoor and outdoor activities, and for the culture-vulture, there is no dearth of museums, monuments and cultural institutions. Hickory also has a wonderful sub-tropical climate, which is rarely too hot or too cold, and makes it the perfect place to experience life in North Carolina all year round. 60% of the U.S.A's furniture and 40% of the world's fibre cables are manufactured in the industrial institutions located in and around the town of Hickory.

Hickory has a lot to offer those who enjoy city life as well as the outdoors. The city also has a bustling nightlife, various places to eat, places to see and can also offer you a great shopping experience. Many businesses in the city also thrive.

Hickory History

The history of the city of Hickory is closely related to the history of North Carolina, and also that of the Southern States in general. The Southern part of United States has generally been the scene of many important battles without which the US as we know it today wouldn't have been possible. North Carolina and its cities are of historical since the state played a major role in numerous wars.

Hickory gets its name from the Hickory Tree. A certain Henry Robinson built a tavern under a huge Hickory Tree in the 1850s, and used the logs to do so. A community built around it came to be known as the Hickory City, and soon the trains, electricity and sewage systems followed.

The city's first school "Free Academy" was established in 1868 by Dr. Jeremiah Ingold and in 1891 the Lenoir-Rhyne University was established. Some of the oldest furniture manufacturers in the U.S. still continue to operate from Hickory.

During the World War II, the city was instrumental in manufacturing boxes for ammunition that were to be sent to the soldiers fighting wars. The city also survived a polio outbreak in the summer of 1944, which is now known as the Miracle of Hickory, as the city lacked basic medical facilities and the tough residents survived the outbreak nonetheless. The city has seen the struggles for independence, the traditional North vs South debates and everything else that most semi-urban towns of the South experienced during 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Great Depression had its effect on the residents of Hickory too, but the residents remained resilient and fought against financial crises by working hard and pulling pieces together. The prosperous community that Hickory is today has seen and learned much from its difficult history, which is what every tough city in any nation does. Hickory has remained steadfast in offering its residents and its visitors a home, a safe environment and a hope for the future. Hickory's black residents fought against the racial segregation and the state of being second-class citizens, thanks to Jim Crow's system of legal segregation.

The cotton industry, the plantations, and the Civil War have all left their marks on the City of Hickory, but it has remained resilient to these human follies and continues to provide home to people of all colors, races and ethnicities. The pain and the struggles have made the city wiser and it continues to teach its residents and visitors the importance of democracy and liberty.

About Hickory, North Carolina

The City of Hickory is a unique and culturally significant town that has won the "All America City" award three times. It is located along the Catawba River and is rather close to Blue Ridge Parkway, which is just under an hour's drive. As a part of the Unifour Metropolitan Area, it is the principal city of this urban agglomeration and houses important cultural, artistic, educational and financial institutions apart from numerous training and educational organizations. The city is spread across an area of 28 square miles and is home to some of the most important industries in the U.S.A.

It might be of interest to learn that Hickory produces almost 40% of fiber cables without which broadband Internet cannot be realized. Much of the furniture that is sold in the U.S. may have been manufactured in the workshops located in Hickory or the communities around it, and it produces almost 60% of furniture consumed by Americans. Apart from fiber cables, Hickory has another reason to be on the map of technology and Internet, as both Google and Apple house their datacenters in Hickory. Apple's datacenter was built at a cost of more than a billion dollars, and the campus is situated south of Hickory. It is also one of the world's largest datacenters and thus rightfully earns Hickory as a datacenter corridor.

Apart from the advances in technology and Internet, Hickory is grounded in the history and culture of the South, and is home to a number of institutions, museums and galleries that feature art, collectibles and articles that are of historical importance. It has been named as the 10th best place to live and raise a family in the U.S.A, and the Valley Hills Mall caters to the needs of growing number of consumers and shoppers in and around the metropolitan area of Hickory. If one visits Hickory, it could be a wonderful opportunity to experience the famous Southern cuisine.

Apart from the controversies that the South is famous for, its cuisine stands out for its delectable taste, and robustness of flavors. Some of the most critically acclaimed restaurants, diners and restaurants are located in hickory and the surrounding regions. Some of the traditional treats include vinegar-based barbeque, apple pie and steaks that are golden brown and rich in taste and flavor. The city is also the best place to observe North Carolina's famous architectural style, which has been deemed as one of the most modest, elegant and rustic in this part of the country.

About Catawba County, North Carolina

Catawba County is located in North Carolina, which is the South-eastern part of the United States. The county has a rich history and culture that is uniquely Southern in nature. Hickory is part of the Unifour, a name given to the Hickory, Lenoir and Morganton Metropolitan Statistical Area. Unifour spreads along four counties including Burke, Alexander, Caldwell and Catawba, The city of Hickory is located in Catawba County and it is also its largest city.

Catwaba County has a population of 154,358 as of 2010. The county's administration offices are located in Newton. It was founded in 1842 from Lincoln County. The name comes from the Catawba tribe which once inhabited the area. It was one of the original gold producing areas until the gold rush happened in California.

The county is also known for its Old Soldiers Reunion, which honours its military personnel. The festival has metamorphosed into a large festival which takes place during the third week of August. Catawba is known for its music, pottery, quilting and furniture. With a total area of 414 square miles, it is spread over a large tract of fertile and green patch. 87% of the population is White, 8.5% f the population is Black, and the rest of the population comprises of Hispanics, Asians and those of mixed heritage.

The polio outbreak, the struggle for independence, the Civil War and also the Civil Rights Movement have all been important incidents in the history of Catawba and much of teh important incidents have taken place in its largest city, Hickory. It would be an interesting place to visit especially for educational purposes.

Catawba County offers visitors and travellers to learn about the changes that have taken place in the South, and how the Southern States have changed from being a segregated society in the past to being one of the most modern communities in the world, so much so that Apple and Google have their datacenters in Hickory, and also Broadband Internet depends on the cables that are manufactured in the surrounding areas. Catawba houses monuments, institutions and organizations that are of historical and national importance, and Hickory is a great place to begin and explore them.