Modesto, California

Modesto is a city of rich traditions known for its great weather all through out the year keeping its citizens very vibrant and energetic. With its many educational institutions, this city is brimming with rich culture and multifaceted lifestyles. Historically, Modesto is well connected through rail, road and now also by air. Modesto is in one of the famous agricultural areas of United States, the San Joaquin Valley. Also known for its film festivals, Modesto has been immortalized through the movie, 'American Graffiti', by its own George Lucas.

Modesto is very popular for its tourist attractions that draw thousands of visitors year round. With pleasant climate conditions most of the year, the city is the most preferred choice for vacations among the Americans. The city is also known for entertainment and culture with plenty of musical and cultural shows organized during various periods of the year. It also has special place for arts. Modesto also offers excellent educational facilities for students with modern schools and colleges.

Modesto has a lot to offer those who enjoy city life as well as the outdoors. The city also has a bustling nightlife, various places to eat, places to see and can also offer you a great shopping experience. Many businesses in the city also thrive.

Modesto History

The city of Modesto was founded in the year 1870. The city was given the name Modesto in the honor of a financier named William Ralston, as he declined the offer to give the city his name. Slowly, people started relocating to the new town, which was carpeted with trees and plants. McHenry mansion, which was built by hand in the year 1880, is one of the famous tourist spot today.

The people in the town were dedicated to growth, quality of life and progress. Many new buildings and houses were constructed in 1880. The population of the city at that time was just 1000. The year 1884 was the turning point in the city's history. The city was incorporated as a result of which several industries emerged in public and private sectors. The city began to grow rapidly. Many dams were constructed, a canal system was built and irrigation water was delivered, which resulted in the prosperity of vegetables, fruits, nuts and other trees.

During World War II, the people of the city supplied the US armed forces and allied forces with milk, canned goods and eggs. The population of the city grew rapidly during this period. The population growth was nearly 2% per year and by the year 2001 the population reached a number of 2,000,000 residents. As the city was provided with proper irrigation system, various plants and trees prospered in the region and people started calling Modesto "Rose City" and "Garden City". A contest was organized to determine the slogan of Modesto and finally 'Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health' became the official slogan of the city.

In 1912, downtown in Modesto, an arch was built on 9th and I streets which holds 668 lights spanning 75 feet across the street at a height of 25 feet. Modesto junior college was founded in the year 1921, which is considered among the oldest colleges in California. Here many students gained quality education and a bright future at an affordable price. After that, many schools colleges and universities were constructed in a span of short period.

The year 1933 is the most important year in the history of Modesto. A small winery was opened by two brothers, Ernest and Julio Gallo. The city of Modesto is working hard to meet the demands of future technology which are very important to the growth and progress of the city. Today, the city is filled with modest and grand plans for its development and bright future.

About Modesto, California

Modesto is located in northern California and was founded in 1870 by a millionaire banker by the name of William Chapman Ralston. Modesto is quite a large city with a population of over two hundred thousand as per the latest census of 2010. Like many other cities, caucasians account for the major population of Modesto City with 65% immigrants. It is the seat of Stanislaus County. True to its slogan, "Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health", Modesto is a nice mixture of metropolitan facilities along with the heart of its earlier era, hospitality and warmth of its people.

Modesto is known for its agricultural production like walnuts, almonds, milk, cattle and chickens. The city of Modesto is blessed with many historical and modern sculptures, museums and parks etc., that keep the locals and tourists entertained. Yosemite National Park, one of the top tourist destination spots in the North California, is around 66 miles from this city. The other popular attractions in this city include George Lucas Plaza, McHenry Mansion & Museum, John Thurman Field etc. The city has a permanent reference in the tourism map of United States.

Downtown Modesto is buzzing with activities. The city is home to the California Leagueand the Modesto Nuts Minor League Baseball Club. Over the years it has become a major attraction for the sports lovers in the city. It has plenty to offer for shoppers too. The Vintage Common, Plaza Parkway, Vintage Faire and McHenry Avenue are some of the well known shopping malls in the city. There are plenty of restaurants, night clubs, and cafes that are spread across the city.

The city's government has a mayor-council system in place. The summer temperature is around 97 degrees.

About Stanislaus County, California

The city of Modesto is located in Stanislaus County and is also the county seat. The area serves as a perfect alternative for many who cannot afford the high housing rates of San Francisco Bay Area. The county is famous for its affordable housing compared to the neighboring areas.

The county has quite an interesting history. The name is said to have originated from the Stanislaus River. Gabriel Moraga discovered the river. Stanislaus County falls between the San Joaquin River and Stanislaus River. In the year 1854, a part of Tuolumne County gave way to the Stanislaus County. However, the pronunciation of the county's name itself had been a big controversy. However, in spite of the difference in opinions about how the Stanislaus should be pronounced, both forms of pronunciation are acceptable. Stanislaus County was socially and economically divided because of the San Joaquin River. This led to improper growth of the county over many decades. The population of the county was 514,453 as of 2010 Census. The county is comprised of 65% caucasians whereas African Americans form only 3% of the population.

The primary industry in Stanislaus County is the production of wine grapes and agriculture remains as the 2nd popular industry. The county has many state and interstate highways that connect to the rest of the California state as well as other parts of the United States. The main airport for the county is Modesto City-County Airport. Other nearby airports include Turlock Airport, Patterson Airport and Oakdale Airport. The county has excellent transportation facilities connecting all the cities and towns within the county. Stanislaus County includes various cities such as Patterson, Ceres, Riverbank, Hughson and Modesto. There are various other communities that are yet to be incorporated into Stanislaus County which include Claus, McHenry, Adela, Eugene and Oso etc.