Los Angeles, California

For anyone looking for the ideal American city to settle down, work or study, the angelic city of Los Angeles should be right there at the very top of the list of places to be considered. That is because if there is any city that can be regarded as the ideal for living, this legendary Californian city will be a major contender. For students in search of the some of the most suitable locations to study, the Los Angeles metropolitan area is an excellent choice with its superb schools: California State University, University of California and the American Jewish University.

In addition to the fine educational institutions, there are impressive entertainment centers in the area, and that has earned LA the name 'Entertainment Capital of the World'. You will find the city quite amazing when it comes to the aspect of entertainment and recreation. Los Angeles is the home of the Staples Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall and the renowned Kodak Theater. This is just a side of the vibrant area, you need to visit the city or reside there to appreciate all its sides.

Los Angeles is one of the few cities in the world which has the perfect mixture of business and entertainment opportunities. The list of companies here is equal to the list of places to see. The city of Los Angeles is truly angelic and there are many reasons why millions have decided to settle there. An ideal city in all ramifications, Los Angeles is your best place to see, if you are planning to visit or stay on the West Coast.

Los Angeles History

The historical account of the city of Los Angeles is full of major events. Some of the first people to settle in the area that is now Los Angeles, were called the Gabrielinos. The Spaniards made contact with the Gabrielinos when they reached the area in the 18th century. These people were deeply religious and lived a life guided by beliefs in supernatural forces. They cooperated with the Spanish settlers and provided cheap labor for them. At that time, the area that is now Los Angeles was under the Spanish Empire and various expeditions were sent to the area.  

With time, the Spaniards consolidated their control and went ahead with the establishment of settlements called pueblos. The pueblo of San Jose de Guadalupe is widely considered the first municipality in the state of California. However, by the time Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821, the influence of the country on the colonies waned. In the middle of the 19th century, the Mexican-American War broke out and by the time the dust settled, the Americans took over the city that is now Los Angeles as a result of Mexico’s crippling inability to secure its northern territories in a skirmish aptly called the Battle of Los Angeles. Following a decisive military victory, the Mexicans signed the Treaty of Cahuenga and by the time the war ended formally in 1848, California belonged to the United States. 

Without wasting time, a military administrator was appointed for the newly-conquered territory of California, and in a short period, the real estate industry of the young city blossomed generating the much-needed money for the government. There was also a change of the street names from Spanish to English to reflect the control of the new “landlords”. The pueblos were redesigned and a new plan was mapped out for the city of Los Angeles. Around the same time, explorers and gold prospectors trooped into the state in search of gold and other valuable minerals. At that time, Los Angeles was nicknamed the “Queen of the Cow Counties” as the miners got their supply of meat and other foodstuffs from the city. 

In the absence of a strong judicial system, the young city soon fell under the spell of gangs but with time, the criminal activities were curtailed. Real change was to come with the advent of the railroad in the latter part of the 19th century. By the 20th century, the population of Los Angeles reached over 100,000 and the economy had witnessed significant growth. By 1932, the city of Los Angeles was so buoyant that it hosted the Summer Olympics for that year. With the coming of the entertainment giants like 20th Century Fox in the 1990s, unemployment dropped and the city witnessed impressive macroeconomic changes. Today population is in the tens of millions but great strides and developmental changes are part of this legendary city. 

About Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, CA is one of the most popular, vibrant and prosperous cities in the United States. It is home to almost four million people and with a white, long beach and Santa Ana, the city forms one of America’s largest metropolitan areas. The city has a humble background as it started as a settlement for Native American Indians. Today it is one of the most flourishing cities in the world. The city is the most populous in California and is also one of the most culturally-diverse societies in the United States. Residents of the city are famously referred to as the Angelinos. 

Also called LA or the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles is a major center and hub for various spheres of life. Staying in LA means enjoying the city’s Mediterranean climate, which is also classified as being subtropical. There is an ample supply of sunshine throughout the year and the rainfall the city received is moderate. Therefore, if you want to settle in a place with a pleasant climate, Los Angeles is the perfect place to be. 

For nature lovers, the city has more than enough to offer when it comes to the flora and fauna. There are exotic plants such as the California poppy, giant wild rye, Los Angeles sunflower, coral tree and the resplendent bird of paradise flower. Los Angeles is also home to one of the most vibrant newspaper industries in the country. In the city, residents can get the following newspapers, journals and publications to read: LA Weekly, Los Angeles Business Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times and many more. Sports-related issues are very important in the city as the legendary Los Angeles Dodgers has its base there and the majestic Los Angeles Lakers is also indigenous to the city. Other sporting teams are the Los Angeles Clippers ( basketball), Los Angeles Kings (hockey) and many others. LA is known all over the country for its electrifying sporting activities. 

Los Angeles is not all about sports and newspapers. There are numerous sites of attraction that you can visit, and these places are often awed for their sheer majesty and grandeur. These include places like the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, LA Live, Staples Center, Capitol Records Tower, the Dodger Stadium and many other places. In short, there is never a dull moment whenever you are in Los Angeles, the City of Angels. 

For students looking for the ideal learning environment, the city has a lot to offer as it is studded with excellent academic institutions and colleges such as the prestigious University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Syracuse University.

About Los Angeles County, California

The city of Los Angeles is incorporated into the County of Los Angeles in the state of California. With a population close to 10 million, the county has been adjudged the most populous in the country. The city of Los Angeles itself is the largest in the state and one of the largest in the country. There are 88 cities in the county and many other smaller settlements. Apart from Los Angeles, some of the other important cities are Long Beach, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Pomona and Pasadena. In addition to these cities, the islands of Santa Catalina and San Clemente are also part of the Los Angeles County. A substantial number of California’s residents are found in the county, and it contains the cities making up the Los Angeles metropolitan area. 

The county was created in 1850, around the same time the state was established. The county of Los Angeles is close to the Pacific Ocean and is a place of interesting geographical diversity. There are towering mountains, scorching deserts and deep valleys in the county. There are also various rivers and lakes in the region. Along the central portion of the county is the San Gabriel Mountains which has some of the highest peaks in the county. 

The county has five principal divisions and these are the West, East, South, North and Central. Transportation in the county is also facilitated with the provision of many airports. Some of these airports like the Compton/Woodley Airport, El Monte Airport, Whiteman Airport and General William J. Fox Airfield are administered by the county while some others like the Van Nuys Airport, Zamperini Field and the Hawthorne Municipal Airport are controlled by the city. For railway services has an is an intercity Amtrak service at Los Angeles, and for those interested in traveling from the seaport, there is the Port of Los Angeles and another one at Long Beach.