Milwaukee Major Streets and Roadways

Milwaukee is well-planned. In fact, the cities within the metro area are based on a grid pattern, which makes it a very convenient way to find your way from one destination to another or around the city. This pattern is used for most cities in the United States and one that has proven to be very functional. There are many advantages to the grid pattern such as it allows the major streets in the city to be laid out with precision. Each block is allotted 100 numbers, which also makes it easy to locate addresses and destinations.

The city streets are quite easily navigated and locating a locating an avenue or boulevard is not a difficult task. There are many different streets which are named with names, letters and numbers and all are easily found through the well-planned design of the city streets.

In Milwaukee you will find that Wisconsin Ave is one of the major streets, while in Racine you will discover that Douglas Avenue and State Street are major streets, and when in Waukesha, you will find that East Broadway Street is a major street. You will also find that each area can be easily navigated through.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-43 - Traverses city N to S close to coast to city center then to SW
  • I-94 - Enters city from W through city then S
  • I-794 - Runs briefly along coast at city center
  • 45 - Enters city from NW then to S on W side of city