About Wisconsin

Welcome to Wisconsin! The Badger State! The state of Wisconsin was admitted into the Union in 1848. The state is truly a remarkable state with many interesting facts and wonderful culture and heritage. The capitol of the state is Madison and you will find people from every walk of life building wonderful communities with great potential and growth.

State Nickname

As with many states in the United States, it is a practice in Wisconsin to have their own state nickname. The state of Wisconsin has chosen the nickname of the Badger State for their state nickname. The name was chosen because it was the nickname given to lead miners who settled in the state in the 1820s. .

Climate Summary

The state of Wisconsin experiences cold, windy, rainy and snowy winders and hot and humid summers. The highest temperature ever experienced by the state was 114 degrees and the lowest temperatures was 55 degrees.

State Tax Situation

The state of Wisconsin enforces the collection of personal income. There is also a local sales tax that is imposed within the states counties and cities. Interesting the state does not have an inheritance tax.

Government Summary'

The state of Wisconsin has three branches of government which are based on the provisions of the Constitution and are the judiciary, legislature and executive. There is also a governor for the state.

State Seal

The State Seal of Wisconsin was adopted in 1851 and features the state coat of arms. Over the shield is a banner with the state's motto: "Forward". Directly below is the state of Wisconsin's animal, a badger. Also seen on the shield are a miner and a sailor, two very important industries in the state.

Motto & Description

The motto of the state of Wisconsin is "Forward" and is shown on the Great Seal of the State of Wisconsin. The state's motto reflects the states continuous drive to move forward and become a nation leader.

State Flag

As with all states in the United States, the state of Wisconsin has its own State Flag. In Wisconsin, the State Flag was adopted in 1863 and in 1913 the flag was changed to a dark blue background with the State's Coat of Arms.

State Bird

The state of Wisconsin has adopted the Robin as their State Bird. The bird is a welcome sign of the coming spring and was voted to be the State Bird by the school children in the state.

State Flower

The State Flower was official adopted on Arbor Day in 1909 and is the Wood Violet. The flower is has purple petals and gentle green leaves and reflects Wisconsin scenic beauty.

State Animal

The state of Wisconsin's State Animal is the Badger. The badger is on the State's Coat of Arms, in the State's Song and on the State's Flag and the mascot of the University of Wisconsin.

State Song And Description

The state of Wisconsin's State Song is "on Wisconsin!" And was written by J.S. Hubbard and Charles D. Rosa. The song has been the official song to the state since 1959.

State Colors

The state of Wisconsin's is associated with the colors of cardinal and white. This is the custom of many states in America and the colors of the state's university.