Jobs in Laredo

Laredo, fondly called City Under Seven Flags, with some 176,600 residents, rates highly as a place to live and work. The areas around Laredo and the city itself are home to companies large and small that are looking for talented employees. Quite a few nationally-known companies are proud to call Laredo home. A large number of companies, and the local government, have job openings, and forecast this to continue. Job-seekers with the right talents, qualifications and experience will find quite a few jobs available. Continue reading below, and you'll see we have provided you with a considerable amount of data on the employment market now and in the future in the greater Laredo metropolitan area. If you want more information regarding the job market and your earnings potential in Laredo, you may find some answers here.

What might my salary be in Laredo? What are some of the jobs which have the highest salaries?

When you're looking for a new job, or thinking of relocating, you are probably also curious what to expect in terms of wages. This type of information could help you decide whether relocating to Laredo or switching careers would be a smart move for your future. Another area of interest may be what the top-paying careers are here in the Laredo metropolitan area. Salary data is readily accessible on a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website database. Here is some information for the year 2008, from BLS wage survey data. In Laredo, the annual income for all those employed was about $39,824 on average. Those holding management positions in the Laredo area earn about $81,760. You don't have to be a manager to earn a good salary; look at the average annual salaries of these jobs with over 2,200 people employed in each type of job shown.

Job Title Average Annual Income for JobSalary Range for Job
10th - 90th percentile
Truck drivers, heavy and tractor-trailer$35,010$16,470 - $56,150
Office clerks, general$22,230$14,900 - $31,760
Retail salespersons$19,180$14,140 - $27,840
Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food$16,950$14,200 - $20,410
Cashiers$16,930$14,020 - $22,190
Personal and home care aides$15,760$14,100 - $18,600

Are there going to be more jobs in this career field in the future? Will some professions have more job openings?

Like most people, knowing a job's salary is one important factor for you, and that there will be more jobs available, not fewer, in the future in this career area. You want to know if there are any companies that are considered to be in growth industries by economic experts. You can get answers to many of these questions, and it is simple and easy to get on-line. The Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics makes a huge database available which can answer almost any question about employment and jobs in America, including in Laredo. In Laredo, these are some of the types of careers that are predicted to experience the greatest growth over the next several years in job openings:

  • Computer software engineers
  • Personal and home care aides
  • Physician assistants
  • Environmental scientists and specialists, including health
  • Dental hygienists
  • Skin care specialists

More detailed information about employment in Laredo:

If you'd like information about average wages and job growth projections for other career fields and other jobs in the area, the BLS employment database can provide that information:

In addition, here are some websites that provide current employment opportunities in the Laredo area:

Would a degree or additional training help you qualify for a better job?

20.0% of the people who call Laredo home hold a baccalaureate degree, and those who hold a Master's degree are just 7.6% of the population. You want to know if there are any companies that are considered to be in growth industries by economic experts. You 'll find programs to meet your budget and schedule in either new degree fields or continuing education, to open the door to a new career and a higher salary. People of all ages are now going back to school - join them and a better job at higher pay can be yours. To get more information about online schools, CLICK on the link below: Online Colleges in Texas